Solutions That Span Industries

Every year more types of companies discover the remarkable benefits of 3D printing. See how RedEye is meeting the unique challenges of industries that keep us safe, healthy and on the move.

industry_1 Aerospace
With some of the toughest industry performance standards and the need to produce lightweight, complex parts, aerospace engineers have embraced 3D printing services from prototype to production. RedEye is ready to meet requirements and tackle unique challenges with high-performance materials, such as flame resistant ULTEM, and an experienced aerospace team. Our AS9100 compliant processes ensure safe and high-quality parts ready for takeoff.
industry_2 Medical
In an industry where lives depend on innovation and speed to market, medical device manufacturers and physicians have taken advantage of additive manufacturing. We’ve helped medical companies quickly prototype and produce parts, empowering doctors to bring new solutions to their patients. With the ability to produce ISO13485-certified FDM parts and offering a range of biocompatible materials, we welcome your next big medical breakthrough.
industry_3 Automotive
Harsh vehicle testing environments have always posed a challenge for automotive manufacturers in the prototyping phase of product development. That’s why the automotive industry has turned to FDM and RedEye to produce durable, custom parts made from high-performance engineering materials, like Nylon 12. Additive manufacturing has also opened up new opportunities in end-use automotive applications, such as lightweighting parts and consolidating duct work.
industry_4 Military and Defense
Non-negotiable deadlines, customized parts and firm requirements are no match for additive manufacturing and RedEye’s specialized defense team. Military, defense and government organizations come to us for ITAR compliant processes, dependable materials and tough parts.