3D printing isn’t just for prototypes. Wherever you are in the product development lifecycle, RedEye finds ways to help you improve efficiency and your bottom line.

lifecycle_support_1 Conceptual Models
Concept models take the guesswork out of the design process and allow you a glimpse into the future. With RedEye, you can turn a design into a one-off finished product within days. A precise, affordable 3D printed concept model communicates in a way that a computer model never could.
lifecycle_support_2 Functional Prototyping
Identify design problems faster and test parts early – with the luxury of redesigning without cost or time penalties. Prototypes built from our production-grade thermoplastics and digital materials are durable enough to withstand the rigors and wear of functional testing. Discover how your next product will perform, well before moving into production.
lifecycle_support_3 Manufacturing Tools
You rely on jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges to maintain high quality production and efficiency on your manufacturing floor. So why limit their design with expensive and time consuming machining processes? Put more complex, custom tools on your production floor faster by 3D printing them through RedEye.
lifecycle_support_4 Production Parts
Build durable, low-volume production parts right from 3D CAD data. With an array of engineering-grade thermoplastics, finishing services and accuracy that rivals injection molding, we can produce your end-use parts without the design and cost constraints of traditional tooling.