Perfecting the final product.

RedEye systems produce high-quality usable parts right off the printer. But for applications where secondary finishing is needed, our experts are there to see the job through. RedEye offers services such as sanding and tumbling to minimize layer lines and achieve a finish that’s as good as injection molding.

Finishing Services

finishing_1bonding Bonding
Larger parts sectioned to fit into the build envelope require bonding. RedEye uses a number of bonding methods, including solvent bonding, hot air and ultra-sonic spot-welding, gluers and fasteners.
finishing_2sanding Sanding
Sanding smoothes rough surfaces and eliminates FDM layer lines. RedEye uses an assortment of paper grits and tools to create smooth surfaces that meet your engineering and aesthetic requirements.
finishing_3tumbling Tumbling & Bead Blasting
Bead blasting is used to even out a product’s surface, often to create a uniform surface between multiple parts.
finishing_4readpart Ready Part
RedEye’s fast vapor smoothing process, Ready Part, is designed for use on ABS and ABS-M30 thermoplastics, available in a matte or glossy finish.
finishing_5_plating Plating
RedEye offers techniques such as electroplating in which a thin layer of metal is deposited on the surface of a part. Plating provides a hard, wear-resistant surface with improved mechanical and reflective properties.
finishing_6paint Priming & Painting
Parts can be primed and painted to meet the cosmetic requirements of virtually any project.
finishing_7epoxy Epoxy Sealing
Creates an air-tight and water-tight seal up to 56 psi (up to 448kPa). Epoxy-sealed parts can withstand high temperatures and are chemically resistant.
finishing_8machining Machining
RedEye offers machining techniques for critical features and tight tolerances on 3D printed parts, including drilling, threading, tapping and chasing.